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Heron Creek offer’s a variety of new homes for sale. Our current home construction focus is on our Curated Homes.  We have a variety of thoughtfully created house plans and an assortment of carefully curated products for interior and exterior finishes. Homeowners can build the style of their new home with the confident guidance of our friendly design team.  We will help you pick finishes and colors for everything from timber stains, cabinet colors, flooring options, and plumbing fixtures. Most importantly, with choices that vary in style and price, the combination of options are numerous without being overwhelming.


In today’s housing market, we believe our Curated Homes fill a much-needed gap in home sales. Our homes sit comfortably between the fully custom home, the starter home, and the secondary-market options. Why be stressed with a plethora of choices and time consumption of an expensive custom home, the confusion of upgrading from a starter home, or the worries and problems that come with older houses when you can simply personalize our curated homes with the help of our knowledgeable design team.

If a Curated Home still seams too much to take on, we offer an assortment of beautiful Spec homes for sale that our professional design team curates. No two Sussex’ homes are ever the same, and our Design Team works hard to customize each house to be unique on the inside and out. Our Spec homes vary in price and style based on their location in the neighborhood, and each house has a variety of upgrades and design styles that reflect a Montana lifestyle.  Choosing your new home will be a breeze, and your family will feel at home in one of our friendly neighborhoods.

3 Easy Steps To Begin Living In Your New Home:

1. Choose Your Neighborhood

Are your bags packed and boxes ready to move? Is staying with your in-laws starting to become sub-optimum? Or possibly the timeline is not a barrier and you can be a bit more discerning. No matter the situation, Heron Creek offers a host of options for your new home. To begin, follow these 3 easy steps below in choosing your home in order to fit your specific needs and most importantly your budget.

The VILLAGE – Sold Out

The total finished area of house needs to be at least (1,500 SF)


The total finished area of house needs to be at least (1,700 SF)


The total finished area of house needs to be at least (2,200 SF)

2. Now Pick Your Home Plan

We specialize in new home construction. With over 25 years of experience, we’re known for our high-quality builds, people-centric design, and green building practices. Below you will find our available homes. We have many to choose from with a variety of styles and sizes. The prices listed below only refer to the house price, and they DO NOT include the lot price.

Select Your price range first

House Price Range
House Style
Number of Beds
Owners' Suite

3. Call Marta or Stephanie and Pick Your Lot!

Choose Your Own Lifestyle, Which New Home Option is Best For You?

Ready for a new home now?

We have several floor plans that we have already built or are under construction, often on Loop Lots. Our professional design team has carefully selected the finishes for these homes, making them easy-peasy. Take a look at our inventory to see which floor plans we have allocated for specific lots. We’re always happy to meet with you and show you the selections for a home, too!

Have more time to plan?

Most of our Estate & Loop Lots are available for a fully curated home.  Reach out, Marta & Stephanie would be thrilled to speak with you and discuss your options. Simply pick your preferred floor plan from our selection above, and then the available lot you’d like to build it on below. Next, our design team can help you with all the finishes and options to create a home that is just right for you!

Plat - New Homes For Sale

Why aren’t all the lots listed?

We like to keep our construction mess as confined as possible (nobody likes to live near a job site), so we build one cul-de-sac area at a time. As of fall 2023, we are wrapping up the Mooseberry Court section, and we have started the Beargrass Court location. We have prepared floorplans for each Loop Lot in that spot, but until a lot is under construction, it will still available for a curated home. The Estate Lots will be available for curated builds until we need to wrap up that area. At that point, we start to fill them with selected homes.  After Beargrass Court is finished, we will release the Wolfwillow lots and, finally, Buffaloberry Court. Check out our inventory list to see what we have planned!  Please reach out to Marta or Stephanie to learn how easy it is to be part of the Heron Creek neighborhood and why people love living here.