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Heron Creek Housing Development


The Village is located at the center of the development and is the densest area. Inside the Village is more of a sense of community and is a bit more reminiscent of a traditional neighborhood. At the center lies two ponds, a small waterfall, a trail, and a meandering road.


The Loop is comprised of larger lots, each close to an acre in size, and offers the opportunity for larger houses, bigger garages, outbuildings, and large yards. Inside the Loop is the perfect place buy your dream home.


The Estates are our largest lots, ranging from one to two+ acres. These are for those who want a bit more: space, privacy, & flexibility. Inside the Estates are spacious lots that are all adjacent to our Parklands. The Estates are for that dream home of yours with that big shop, too!

Features & Benefits

An opportunity to live your dream

The following is a list of design features and benefits that make the Heron Creek development truly amazing and so ground breaking. Heron Creek offers a myriad of choices for your new home all the while focusing on the quality of life we enjoy here in Montana. At Heron Creek you have an opportunity to live your dream and be proud you are a part of something special.

To begin, on the business side of things, Heron Creek is located just 21 minutes from the local hospital, St. Peter’s, and only 15 minutes from the Helena Regional Airport and the bustling town of Helena.


Most importantly, the fun stuff is even closer! Nearby, on the Missouri River, there’s excellent fishing, swimming, and a boating spot called Spokane Creek Bay. This spot is a lovely 2 miles walk down the road from Heron Creek. Likewise, the McMaster Hills Mountain Biking Trails park (which offers a mere 29 trails) is only 1 ½ mile around the corner. It’s an excellent spot for Nordic skiing and hiking, too. As a result, you can essentially just hike or bike right from your house at Heron Creek straight into the Great Montana Outdoors. Additionally, Hauser Lake’s Lakeside Marina is just 8 minutes North of Heron Creek, while Canyon Ferry Lake’s Yacht Basin Marina is just 9 miles East. These lakes offer a myriad of beaches, campsites, trails, kayaking, and boating opportunities.

Sussex Construction’s attention to design in Heron Creek is unparalleled in Helena developments. To start, the development design is based upon a completely unexpected pattern.  Heron Creek also provides a carefully created and considered set of covenants with built-in design oversight.  This helps you build the home of your dreams – but also to protect your investment.

Design Features

Further, the pond and stream systems double in function to mitigate the storm-water for the whole community.  This controls sedimentation and provides for groundwater recharge, whilst providing aesthetic beauty to the community.  Most importantly, this helps to support a micro-ecosystem for wildlife and humans alike as the systems work together to create a more harmonious environment.

The Heron Creek development offers three distinct lot types for your new home with various sizes to choose from.

Lot Types:

  • the VILLAGE lies at the heart of Heron Creek with 35 home sites on over 11 acres with a vibrant, close-knit community.
  • the LOOP is comprised of 22 larger lots with broader views on parcels ranging from .67 to .91 acres.
  • the ESTATES gives you the most privacy and room with fully custom lots up to two acres.


The development at Heron Creek was specifically chosen for its relationship with water; the water that lies beneath it, and the water that flows through it. The Heron Creek development sits atop two very large aquifers.  The first carries roughly two million gallons daily and the second around ten million. As responsible stewards of the land, Heron Creek provides community wells.  This water distribution system supplies each house with ample water which eliminates the worry and unknown expense of drilling and maintaining your own well.


Moreover, the wastewater treatment facility at Heron Creek is a state-of-the-art community system.  It has 24/7 computerized monitoring and perpetual onsite maintenance. This system was designed with our environment in mind. We didn’t want to simply do a good job, but to go well beyond and do a great job.  Consequently, most subdivisions install individual, inexpensive, non-monitored systems that tend to release high levels of nitrates and other contaminants which can lead to a negative impact on our environment.  At Heron Creek, through vigilant monitoring, testing, and uncompromised technology, we are doing our part to do the right thing and minimize environmental impact.


From the beginning the development at Heron Creek was designed with safety, usability, and maintenance in mind. All the internal roads have been paved, and chip sealed.  Our road system is designed for safety and usability.  It features wider roads, ample un-obstructive parking, and grades that are easy to plow and maintain. We also recently paved Eames Road in spring 2020 to help provide ease of access to the community.


You can rest assured that the safety and well-being of all who enjoy Heron Creek have been greatly considered in the creation of this community. We have likewise designed and installed a fire protection system in close collaboration with the Tri-County Fire Department.  This maximizes the ability of the department to fight fires and keep your property, your life, and your loved ones safe. There are also fire hydrants and thousands of gallons of stored water available.

Montana Lifestyle

Quality of Life – isn’t that why we choose Montana as the place to live and raise our families? Under this Big Sky there exists a strong sense of community, while at the same time an essential individuality for each of us. It is a place to call our own. A place to be proud of, where taking one step out your back-door places you in the heart of what makes Montana so great. One step closer to happiness, freedom, wellness, and peace. The bottom line is that Heron Creek is a “little further from the city, but a lot closer to Montana.”


We are surrounded by Alpine ski hills for all your winter activities.  Great Divide is less than an hour West of Heron Creek, and world-class skiing at Big Sky, Bridger Bowl, Showdown Mountain, Snowbowl, and Discovery Ski Areas are all within a 2 – 3-hour driving range.

Did we mention fishing? Blue ribbon trout fishing abounds in this area! You can see the Missouri river from the Heron Creek development, and all around us are many other creeks and rivers that offer the supreme fishing that is justly associated with Montana.

You get the picture; this place is truly splendid. Yes, Heron Creek is this and so much more.

The development at Heron Creek is in some of Montana’s best school districts, including East Gate Elementary, Helena Middle School, Helena High, and the new East Helena High School. Conveniently, we have provided for a covered bus stop, located at the entrance to Heron Creek, which your children can walk to without worry.

See What Heron Creek Residents are Saying!

The Barney Family

“My wife and I love living in Heron Creek! We have a beautiful, well built home with great neighbors, beautiful mountain views in every direction and are surrounded by hay fields, cattle, horses and wildlife. We get to watch foxes hunt and deer graze – surrounded by nature yet only 15 minutes from the airport. This is our forever home.”

James and Taryn

“Heron Creek is a fantastic neighborhood. It is close enough to town to function easily, but far enough to feel like you are getting away. The quality of homes is unmatched in the Helena Valley, and wonderful neighbors create a real sense of community.”

Mark and Kara

“Living in Heron Creek has surpassed all of our expectations! The surroundings are amazing, and all the neighbors are wonderful! What a great community!”

Heron Creek Development Plat

Home prices will be released one month before completion. Please contact our realtors, Marta or Stephanie for a list of prices.

Covenants & Documents

Protecting your Investment

  • Membership— Every Owner of a Lot in the Heron Creek development shall be a Member of the Association.
  • Maintenance of Open Space — The Association shall maintain all Common Areas.
  • Initial Assessment – Each Owner shall be assessed a one-time initial assessment, of $400.00.
  • Monthly Assessment– $50 per month; Septic System, Parks, Ponds and Trails.
  • Rural Improvement District–$16 per month; Fire Protection, Roads, Snow removal.
  • Well Connection Fee– $5,000.
  • Wastewater Treatment System Connection Fee –$5,000.


  • Residential Use – For single family residential purposes only.
  • Residential Lease or Rent — Any Owner may lease or rent his or her Heron Creek residence.
  • Commercial Use — No commercial use.
  • Domestic Animals — Animals are limited to those commonly accepted as house pets.

Visual Elements:

  • Building Types & Sizes — No manufactured homes, and no modular buildings of any type. Village Lots — Total finished area of house of at least (1,000 SF); Loop Lots — Total finished area of house of at least (1,700 SF); Estate Lots — Total finished area of house of at least (2,200 SF)
  • Visual Harmony — Buildings shall be aesthetically compatible with one another and shall harmonize visibly with the natural environment.
  • Colors — Only neutral, non-stark colors and earth tones.
  • Garages and Ancillary Structures — Two or more car garage required. All outbuildings and garages must coordinate with the main residence.
  • Driveways — Driveways shall be paved from the street to the garage.
  • Fencing and Privacy Screens — No fencing shall extend past the front of the house. All fencing shall be of subdued natural colors.


  • Time for Completion of Construction — Shall be completed within 18 months.
  • Landscaping Timeline – The front of all Lots must be landscaped at the time of construction with installation of timed underground sprinklers and/or drip irrigation when possible.
  • Propane Tanks—All propane tanks must be of the buried variety.
  • Architectural Review – Review all designs as they relate to the covenants, to create and maintain a high-quality neighborhood, to protect property values, and harmonize visibly with the natural environment.
  • The Architectural Review — $750.00 fee with a $1,500 refundable deposit.
  • Design Standards — »The Architectural Review Committee shall publish Design Standards and Procedures.

Click here to open a pdf of the County Covenants

Click here to open a pdf of the Heron Creek Covenants

Click here to open a pdf of the Heron Creek Bylaws

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